This game shows the life of the bottle in one of the most infamous liars in the world - The Knock Over The Milk Bottles Game. It is likely the first game that shattered your child dreams of winning a toy. Well, if you would like to experience the life of the milk bottle, this is your place to go. 

You  can move with the arrows/AD

You can skip the start text with Space/Enter

Slow slow down time with control or left click

Have fun

Music  made by Berkelium -


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Nice idea but becomes repetative very quickly.

Interesting idea and very well made, also fun to play and see what is it like to be a bottle!

Everytime I press play Chrome crashes. I really wanted to play! A windows build would be nice!

Hi, I am sorry for you being unable to play the game. Does this occur only on my game on or every browser game.

Only on your game. It just keeps playing the music while the browser crashes and I have to close it.


So my feedback now :D

At first I didnt really understand what I got to do.. but after a few minutes I tried to hit one of these bullets and checked that I need to dodge them. I like the concept, its really easy and fun. But after I got 72 point and die, I dont wanted to do all again and quit. If you would add more like stuff in it, it would be much more fun, I think. though I liked how to flip the bottle, it felt really responsive and realistice, the music was ok. Keep up the great workd :D


Thanks, your review and honesty means a lot


teally simple, but fun!